What is the btc-invest.io company?
As a longstanding Bitcoin trading company and British incorporated company( World Trade Centre Tower 42, 25 Old Broad Street, London, England, EC2N 1HQ ), btc-invest.io provides customers with portfolio investment strategy products. You do not need any trading experience to participate in btc-invest.io 's plans. Experienced a bear market of bitcoin in 2014 and a bull market of bitcoin in 2018, our experts sum up a variety of extreme and simple trading strategies and effectively earned hundreds of millions of dollars. Since the average user does not know how to operate the financial market, many investors like to buy when stock market soars. In fact, the best investment opportunities have often been missed. Many investments do not know when to sell, resulting in the profits returned to the pocket of the makers.
Can I have more than one account in the system?
You can have only 1 registered account. Creation of 2 or more accounts by one user is prohibited. In the case of multi-client accounts all user's accounts will be blocked and funds will be canceled.
What if you forgot your account password?
You can use the password recovery function. To do this on the main page you need to click the "Login" button, then click "Forgot Password?". Specify the login and email that you used when registering your account. A new password will be sent to your email address. Please note if you specified a non-existent or temporary email when registering your account, password recovery will not be possible. If you forgot your login it will also be impossible to restore access to your account. These precautions are used to protect your account from scammers.
What if you made an investment and would like to change your investment plan?
Unfortunately, it is impossible to change the investment plan. We strongly recommend that you carefully read the terms of the investment before you make an investment. Please note that AFTER plans means a one-time payment at the end of the term.
What payment systems are available for opening a deposit?
At the moment we work with payment systems such as Bitcoin, In the future the number of payment systems can be increased.
How much time it takes for the deposit enrollment?
The deposit in USD is credited to the balance immediately. Deposit in Bitcoin is credited automatically after 1 confirmations in the network. Speeding up the process of obtaining confirmations is impossible. The waiting time can be from 1-10 minutes. Please note, if you made a deposit different from the amount that you specified during the deposit, the deposit will not be credited to your account balance. Contact the support team to solve the problem.
Where can I see information about my deposits?
Detailed information about all of your deposits you can find in the Deposit History.
What is the minimum / maximum deposit amount?
Limitations of the deposit amount depends on the investment plan. You can find detailed information in your account in the Make Deposit Page.
Can I open more than one deposit?
No, you can have one deposit on 1 and 2 plans. Plan 3 has an unlimited number of deposits. Each deposit will be profitable separately from others in accordance with the investment plan and the payment system through which you made it.
Is it possible to reinvest funds?
Yes, you can make an investment from your Balance.
How quickly the requests for withdrawal of funds are processed?
Requests for withdrawal of funds are processed Instantly.
Withdrawal of profits from your investments and referral reward?
You can withdraw profit only through those payment systems through which you or your referrals made an investment.
What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 0.1 or 0.0015 Btc.
How the partner's reward is calculated?
We have an affiliate program of 1 levels. You get instant 5%-10%-15% of the direct bonus or we are offer 20% for our representative.
How do I get the status of a Company Agent?
The Agent status of the company will be automatically assigned if the amount of investments of your partners exceeds $ 5,000. The referral reward will be increased to 20% of the direct bonus for the investments of your partners at the first level
Do I need to have an active deposit in order to partake in the affiliate program?
No, you are free to earn from our affiliate program without having to make an investment directly with btc-invest.io
When does an investor get paid referral commission?
The referral commission of an investor gets transferred to his active balance as soon as it produces.
Where should I take my referral links and your banners?
You can find your referral links and our banners in the "Referral links" menu section.
Do you return initial amount invested?
Yes, Your principal amount is returned after your deposit expire except plan 1.
Are there any fees to withdraw my payments?
There are no fees.
Do you offer compounding?
Yes we offer the option of daily contributions. Compounding is an option of deposit configuration, under which all daily profits or their part aren't paid to the investor, but are daily invested in addition to his investment fund. This allows the investor earning more, and the client's profits increase every day, as the investment deposit increases.
Is btc-invest.io an officially registered company?
Yes, our company is an officially registered company in the UK. Company No.12414789 ,check it at: 103 Seven Sisters, London, United Kingdom, N7 7QP

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